Mary Ann Badavi
Mary Ann is a UX designer, content expert and noodle lover based in Washington D.C.

MAB does DT

Twas the night before the science fair

Twas the night before the science fair

And all through New York

Students stressed about Bootcamp

And on CodePen they forked.

I sit at my laptop

And stare at my code

Willing my sound function

To finally show.

When up through my speakers

I heard a loud ding

A Slack from Elena

She’d made JavaScript sing!

Now I stare at P5

Trying to recreate it myself

In hopes that by tomorrow

I can put my subway project on the shelf.

I turn to my notebook,

And sketch my table display,

And even though I feel stressed,

I know that it’ll be done by Friday.

Concept statement: Subway Symphony introduces a new way to engage with the New York City subway: through sound. Both a digital scavenger hunt and a supplementary way to navigate public transportation, it encourages users to explore their city by collecting sounds for each subway line they ride. Based on the sounds a user has collected, they are able to create their own personal “symphony” that evolves as they ride additional lines. In a future state, Subway Symphony would also act as a musical map for those who are vision-impaired.

Mary Ann Badavi